Whilst adapting to current Covid-19 measures and guidelines, we are currently open:

Wednesday – Saturday

To preorder takeaway for collection, please send us a message via social media (@abdacoffeecakeculture) – preferred.
You can also:  email orders@abdas.co.uk
Please include your full name and address (for local delivery), contact number, items you would like to order, preferred delivery time and any dietary requirements.
Delivery must be preordered by 7pm the day before you would like to receive your order.

Delivery: £2.99 within a 5 mile radius of CW95AX (minimum order £10).
(An additional £1 will be added for every mile outside of this radius, up to a maximum of 5 miles – 10 mile radius in total).

If there is absolutely anything else you would like to order from us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We really appreciate your support and will do our best to fulfil your requests if possible.

Abda Boxes

We also have a selection of boxes available to order (collection or delivery):
Please inform us of any dietary requirements, we will always do our best to cater for you.
All boxes must be preordered by 7pm the day before you would like your box (ordering info above).
£2.99 delivery charge applies – please check above for more information.

Abda's Afternoon Tea

£15 per person

A sharing platter of your favourite Abda treats; a selection of four open sandwiches, a portion of our homemade Houmous with vegetable sticks and tortilla crisps to dip.
Also includes a standard drink and a homemade cake per person - minimum 2 people.

Southern Cajun Avocado Chicken
Ginger Chicken
Mediterranean Beans
Mediterranean Ploughman's
Homemade Houmous
Tortilla Chips
Vegetable Sticks

Goat and Bee in Harmony
From The Earth
Mediterranean Ploughman's
Mediterranean Beans
Homemade Houmous
Tortilla Chips
Vegetable Sticks

Please enquire for our current selection of homemade cakes (vegan and gluten free always available).
Please let us know of any dietary requirements, we will always try our best to cater for you, no matter what your requirements are!

Available for collection or for delivery depending on your location.
Must be pre-ordered.
If you would like to order for 1 person, please pick 2 sandwiches from the options on either list.

Abda's Breakfast Box

£10 per person

Your choice of Breakfast Bowl and one topping (VEO, GF):
Served with either Greek Yoghurt or Soya Yoghurt (VE).

- Yoghurt Breakfast Bowl
- Granola Breakfast Bowl
(Both served with mixed nuts and seeds)

Toppings (choose one):
- Mango Compote (VE)
- Strawberry Jam (VE)
- Honey/Syrup (VEO)

Choose 2 of the following toasts :
Each served as a 1/2 portion of our standard toasts on either white or brown.

- Toast with Butter (VEO, GFO)
- Avocado on Toast (VE, GFO)
(with a sprinkling of chilli flakes)
- Thai Toast (VEO, GFO)
(peanut butter, sriracha, honey/maple syrup, coriander and lime)
- Peanut Butter on Toast (VE, GFO)
(with sliced banana and honey/syrup)
- Philadelphia on Toast (GFO)
- Tahaniya Toast (VE, GFO)
(Tahini (Sesame), honey/maple syrup, mixed nuts and cardamom)

Your choice of drink:
- Orange Juice
- Apple Juice

Abda's Work From Home Box


Your choice of Sandwich:
Served as an open sandwich on either white, brown or gluten free bread.
Accompanied with a side salad dressed with olive oil and balsamic.
(Full details of each sandwich can be found on our main menu either on our social media or in the shop).

- Southern Cajun Avocado Chicken (GFO)
- Ginger Chicken (GFO)
- The Parisian (Camembert) (V, GFO)
- Sweet Crunchy Carrot (V, VE, GFO)
- Goat and Bee in Harmony (V, VEO, GFO)
- Mediterranean Ploughman's (V, VEO, GFO)
- Sudanese Beans on Toast (V, VE, GFO)
- Mediterranean Beans (V, VE, GFO)

A portion of our homemade Houmous served with Tortilla Crisps and Vegetable Sticks for dipping.

A drink of your choice from our standard drinks menu (collection only).
Or: Coca Cola, Diet Coke, San Pellegrino Orange/Lemon, Orange/Apple Juice, Still Water, Sparkling Water.

A cake of your choice:
- Lemon Drizzle
- Carrot cake (VE, GF)
- Chocolate Brownie (VE, GF)
Please ask when ordering for our weekly cake specials.

Celebration Cakes

We are also still offering our made to order Celebration Cakes for delivery.
Message us with your ideas or ask for some exampled and we can come up with a custom cake for you.
Any dietary requirements can be catered for.
6 inch, 2 layer starting from £45
8 inch, 2 layer starting from £55
Loaf Cakes starting from £12.50
Please note: we require approximately one week’s notice for celebration cakes as we bake and decorate them fresh to order.


To keep our community going, we are also going live on our social media twice a week:

Instagram 4pm Wednesdays
Facebook 4pm Fridays
During Lockdown, we are running live baking sessions every two weeks. Ingredients are posted a week in advance.
Join us for a chat!
(If you would like to join us on camera for one of these (from the comfort of your own home of course), send us a message!)

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