Coffee – Cake – Culture

Here at Abda, we are an inclusive, speciality, cultural coffee shop offering, but not limited to, inclusive Vegan and Allergy- Friendly options.
Affectionately known as Abda’s, we offer a unique slice of culture and a space for the community to enjoy, where everyone and anyone is welcome.

We proudly serve a range of coffees sourced from all over the world. From your standard Espresso/Ristretto based drinks, Abda’s Brew Bar (showcasing a range of coffee brewing methods and single origin beans), Cultural Experiential Coffee Ceremonies and Speciality Seasonal Drinks.
All of our cakes are lovingly baked from scratch, by hand by both Abda herself and our Baker Sophie (now available to order through Hala!).
Experiential décor, single origin coffees and cultural coffees showcase Abda’s Sudanese/Egyptian, Afro-Arab roots.

Opening Hours

Serving Brunch and Lunch until 3pm.

Tuesday 9am-4pm
Wednesday 9am-4pm
Thursday 9am-4pm
Friday 9am-4pm
Saturday 9am-4pm

Yes, we are dog friendly!

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We are a group of passionate people who want you to enjoy our relaxed, vibrant and cultural experience. At Abda’s you can explore the world through our food and drink, all on your doorstep.

Our Journey